Interactive spin modifier in 2.5 ?

You know the classic spin tool in all 3d programs. ( to make chess-like models )

In current blender 2.49b is not a modifier.

It would rock if it became a modifier in 2.5

what do you think ?

Agreed. It should absolutely be some kind of modifier. It’s ridiculous to have such a basic tool available only as a tool that gets applied once and can’t be modified later.

I’m also looking for spin modifier long time :slight_smile:
The only one way how to make editable “spin” is array modifier controll by empty.

Insert Mesh as profile > In edit mode Extrude and Rotate from Origin like 5° to get segment > Insert Empty > Setup Array Modifier for Mesh “Profile” use Empty for offset > rotate Empty 5° > mounth of array copies will spin.

Who wants to do this? :slight_smile:

Example: spin.blend
It’s a mesh object. You can spin with two Bezier Curves that is not easier. And get specific degree is much harder.

Second that!

Yeah right.

I think someone actually developed a patch for a spin modifier a long time ago (actually called lathe modifier), but it never made it into Blender, it’s out of date now as it’s for 2.4x.

it could fit into the simple deform modifier.
Oh well, actually it doesn’t deform but “build” geometry so, it should be under the first column. But just like the “simple deform” one, this new “simple build” modifier could host spin, extrude and… i can’t think of more now.
…so then, the array modifier could be revisited to become a more evoluted “create instances” tool.
…and my financies could raise up to the skies… and i could instantly become 10 years younger… and… (stop me!)

+1 for a spin modifier.

+1 - Spin, Spin Dup and Screw should all be removed from that strange little panel that no new users will ever find and put into the modifiers where they can be found and used properly by both old and new users.

better yet, make them one modifier, and say the different functions in the tooltip :slight_smile:
basically, you have degrees, steps, a check box to connect or not, and a z-offset.
much more flexible :smiley:

A spin modifier…now there’s a good idea!


We could have a modifier modifier!

actually, that’s a good idea-- a modifier that uses modifier groups/presets :slight_smile:

so you can add the same 5 modifiers to multiple objects, easily.

With the option to have the spin modifier working on vertex groups we could have something like the tesselate script (do you remember that nice script?). And what if I would add particles to those vertex groups? Nice, really hope that this spin modifier idea will become true!

Now that the array modifier has a merge option, you can just use that with a rotated offset. On the other hand, you have to make your “slice” just the right angle so that no overlap will occur, whereas with a spin modifier you would only have to model the cross-section without the use of faces. So I support this.

Modifier nodes!

+1 for the spin modifier !


Very good idea! Yes… but with a neat UI, ok? Cursors to slide values in a nice column :yes:
Also with some “real time” visible effects in the 3D views… Oh! What a dream! :eyebrowlift:

Could this Array Modifier get some physics, like collision detection (or is it allready in) ?

Of course their is a SPIN TOOL in 2.5 when you edit a mesh and bring up the T panel ( press T to toggle ), but maybe this is not what you guys are talking of?