Interactive Tranform Handle Scale?

Hello… does anyone know if there’s a hot key to interectively increase or decrease the size of the translate/rotate/scale handles? I really don’t want to have to go into the user preferences every time I want to adjust the scale of the handles. Beleave it or not… I do this all the time at work (another animation pacage).

Sometimes I like it small… some times I like it BIG.
eh? eh? nudge nudge?



I don’t think there is a hotkey for this but i have a solution! Make one! blender let you create your own hotkeys here is a tutorial

Ya… I’ve seen that vid before… but what I’m looking for, I assume, it would help to understand a bit of python… no?
If I wanted to use the + or - key to adjust the size of the handle… wich I see is in the user preferences… my guess is that I would some how have to add or subtract 1 from this UserPreferencesView.manipulator_size??? That what comes up when I hover my mouse over the value field for manipulator size. Sooooooo… how do I get that to work? I’ll try to see if I can figure it out some how, but if anyone out there has some useful tips, it’d be much appreciated.