Interested in Character Modeler

I posted a game I made earlier on these forums, ( ) and I was curious to see if anyone was interested in making a better version of the main character, that’s Azwarius.

He is a half-ram half-human, an ‘Ibak’ in-game. He’s currently a mercenary, and shaman. He’s morally ambiguous ( flawed hero / villain with redeeming qualities).
Anyways, he has an eye-patch, long white horns, blue fur, and a hammer (metal with a massive blue-ish crystal).

I based the concepts off of the Ibex (the real animal) and vikings.

It should be a little cartoony, realism doesn’t work here (my opinion).

Solid color concept

Here’s a pic of the old model

If you want to try to make something better go ahead! I’d love to see what you make. If I like it, I’ll be interested in more assets (like make it a team project).

Hello there, well I am sure that someone would be up for a challenge, or just want to keep their modeling skills up :wink:

I followed your links on your other thread and all your links bring me to this page ? :

Share your character and see what happens : ?

Ah! no wonder no one ever commented on it… Thanks for that!

They are now up on media fire.

Ok, I will see what I can do to help you out…

Well I have started to make a half man, half Ibex character.

I am going to give him a very strong build aspect.

very cool! love to see where it goes

Now I have made his hands, next step, the head and neck…

Now the tricky part !, modeling the nose, mouth and cheeks…

Just finished the head, next step rearranging all the vertices, improving the model, and start texturing and rigging…

I like your retro theme for Blender.

It looks great. I’d like to make a little critique (can’t help myself), the tribe this character comes from is distinguished by their long white horns, similar to the ones in the photo your using just bright white. Don’t forget the eye patch either! :D. Love it tho, its cool to see someone working with an idea of mine.

Also, if you want more info on his story/background (theres quite a bit I can put together) I can send you it, or anyone else (I don’t want to post it cuz of spoilers :/)

assuming you’re talking about my stuff, thanks :D. It’s partly what I was going for, partly my limitations as a modeler.

Yeah ! 24X is my favorite theme for the mo, It has that " je ne sais quoi"

Okay, I haven’t had that much time to start rigging this model…

I think that just toon shaders will work nicely here !

The 3D model is now rigged, the armature and the main body mesh still need to be tweaked to get a really nice overall result.

<----Recommends a leather or chain-mail loincloth

Now Azwarius has a tribal look, there are still little details that can be improved, such as the face, fingers and the lingerie etc ; Thanks BluePrintRandom :yes:

I am going to upload the model and update it over time, he still needs a big hammer made up of a big blue crystal ! I gave it a go but I was not happy with the result…

And of course the eye patch is missing, I am on to it…

The 3D model Azwarius is available on the website

I think this is where I got the idea of a crystal hammer, its not really necessary

here is a hammer, add a uv texture to the plane :smiley:


Hammer.blend (648 KB)

credit goes to geometricity on shadless uv, Shadeless_Transparent_Atlas.png.003

ask if it’s ok to use,