Interesting Block Sculpture

Hello all, here’s a nice looking block sculpture I made while learning Yafray and playing around with the Array modifier. Enjoy! It’s a “look” I’ve been trying to get for quite a while.


More of a ‘blender test’, but I quite like it anyway. Nice and simple.

I really like the lighting on this one, just does it for me.

Cool piece.

Thanks for the comments! I guess it is more like a “test”, but still fun.

dudewithasock (great name), that kind of lighting is something I’ve seen in a lot of places, but until now I haven’t been able to get right. It’s only one light!

Love the simplicity. It reminds me of dna, could possibly duplicate what is had here and rotate 180 so it completes a chain. Dunno but the sculpture is great.

It is kinda test-y, but just think, add a concrete base and a few support wires, and maybe throw on a generic metal or wood texture, and bang, modern art ready for your next office park!

, I hope that’s actually a complement :slight_smile:

That’s what I like so much about it. It sets such an intriguing mood, and yet is so simple. Takes a certain touch to achieve that effect.

Thank you! I’m fascinated by stuff like that - where it’s so simple and yet brings out a different kind of mood and emotion.

Here’s some inspiration from a guy I’ve watched for a while, along the same lines but a bit different (this actually looks like something):
The Running Dress