interesting landscape **update sort of**

I was bored so I made a greyscale image and disp maped it to a plane and this is what I ended up with. :smiley:

Very nice.

Maybe make it really look like land and less obvious and it will be even better.


I like it.

I would also like it if you added some grass/dirt/land texture to the stuff and maybe a better water texture.

If not though, I still like it. :slight_smile:

well if I could figure out how to get the tree and fiber scripts running I would add some details :frowning: .

Cool. Might work good for making some kind of logo. Your face on the world, like some kind of rip off of the Universal logo.

I really like it!! would be even more awesome if you would fill the ‘gaps’ with water :smiley:


How did you create the terrain?


I really like the idea of a terrain that, on second glance, you see to be a person’s face. Now what you should do is to put more details in, perhaps thinking of it as some kind of large-scale map, and give the viewer’s eyes lots of things to look at before the “hey! it’s a face!” realization hits.

When choosing the adornments for the image (and maybe you should switch soon to PhotoShop or GIMP and do the work in separate layers …) I suggest that you visualize the story you want the image to carry. For example, maybe it’s a map of a young woman’s imagination. Maybe it’s the story of her life, or of her ancestry. In this way, when the carefully-delayed realization that the image contains a profile picture does hit, the viewer will quite-pleasantly go back and “re-read” the picture. The effect will be one of profoundness.

Print such a picture and you could easily sell it in an art studio.

Well, glad everyone likes it. You got a very artistic imagination sundial, I would have never come up with that. 1 problem though, is I DONT have a very artistic imaginiation so I could it would take me years to create that effect plus the fact that I cant create good textures or anything for that matter in gimp. I was actually kinda going for the man on mars kinda thing.
I even picked out names for all the little areas :smiley: .

Thanks for all your comments and burns all I did was load a profile picture of a girl from into gimp, converted it to grey scale then, in blender, I made a plane subdevide 5 or 6 times sub surf and set smooth then I assigned the texture to the plane and click on the disp button crank up the disp slider. I then added another plane at the same level and made it a waterish color and rendered. Thats it oh and remember if its displacement maped it wont show up in the 3d window. It will only show up when you render it.

Wow! What you can do next is to use a colour map to give it more of a “terrain” feel. Also animate the camera – start the camera on the surface and make it look like you’re moving along some grassy field and then finally move the camera away and pointing down so the face becomes apparent. This will give a great impact to the viewer.

ok, well I moved it into terragen and am going to work on amking textures for it then I will go back to blender but untell then here is a close up of eyeball lake (yea changed the name). Not very good in terragen yet (just got it yesterday) :slight_smile: . Oh and you can also see the western end of brow ridge lake.

My gosh! That last image is awesome! :o