Interesting QuickTime panomaramas from Blender

Inspired by thread in CGTalk ( I’v tried to make my own rendered panorama.
Here it is:
This is not perfect but I made this quick :wink:

really cool… did you used radiosity?

I forgot to write, that this was rendered in Povray :wink:
I just made short, 6 frames long animation, exported this to Povray and rendered.

Looks very good, the 3D effect is much better than I expected - only the lighting looks a bit different in the 6 images.

Yes, there is problem with proper setting radiosity in Povray :wink:
Now, I’m trying to render this in pure Blender.

And here is night version rendered in Blender:

Rendering time was about 20 minutes for all 6 frames.

I like it very much. How did you do the camera set up? I tried it to but I can get it right. Perhaps you could make a tutorial.

Very nice, but there’s no lights in the room! Throw us a table lamp please :slight_smile:

there is a scrit to do this, it set automaticaly the camera for the 6 shot. do a search.

Just set camera lens to 15.5 mm.

thnx. But the manuel says 16 whats best?

I used 15.5 and it’s work.

Here is Blender rendered version:

16 works too :). Who knows whats best?