[Interface Extension] Adding more custom Menus into the Logic Editor

Hello community,

I hope I am posting into the right board and that you can help me with that specific question.

Let me first explain quickly what I am doing:
I am using Blender as a overall Sceneeditor for my game and I wrote a custom exporter so I can pretty much export the whole Scene right into my game (with objects, lights, materials, physics, sounds, animations and so on).
Now I am laying my hands on the Logic Editor and I would also like to export triggers or events from blender into my game
(please note here: I only export data and not the actual logic blender is using in its Game Engine).

Now what I am wondering about is: Can I extend the Logic Editor with more custom Sensors, Controllers and Acuators. Again, they don’t have to actually perform something with the Blender Game Engine but simply serve as data encapsulations for my purposes. And an other important thing is that I can refernece the new items in the Logic Editor with the Python API so I can export the values.

A hint if this is possible just with Python or only with editing the blender source code would be much appreciated.

p.s sorry for my bad english