Interface Malfunction

What in the world is this? I’ve been having this problem since the early 2.5 versions, and I can’t believe something so obvious has not been noticed and addressed by now. Why can’t I have a horizontal properties window without this weird blowup happening all the time?

Is this fixable somehow?

Horizontal properties windows in 2.5 is horrible, so simple don’t use it.

This has been noticed and addressed a thousands of times, and they know it. IMO they should get rid of it complete atm, but maybe that would create a problem when you open 2.49 files

I’ve been using the older versions of Blender for a long time, and I’m a long time user of Flash. Horizontal properties menu makes a lot more sense to me, and is a lot more comfortable. The vertical properties is driving me crazy. And remove it? So all the menus are vertical? Seems like a counter intuitive idea if you ask me.
Its funny I mention Flash. I still use Flash 8 mainly because Flash CS4’s GUI is a disaster. They took every little UI element and streeetched it way out so you have to do lots of insane navigation for even the most basic of tasks, when the original properties menu was all visible at once and efficient to use. My only guess is that they were drunk out of their minds and suddenly thought “We should make the interface bloated and needlessly change it so its one hundred times harder to use!”
I hate to say it, but I swear Blender is starting to do the same thing. Regardless, I have to move ahead with the new versions of Blender.

Like I mentioned, it has been addressed many times.

Maybe they’ll look into it in the future, but I don’t think any time soon. But I also don’t think it should be a major showstopper. 2.5+ is already a gigantic step forward in many areas. UI included.