interface question

i’m fairly new to blender, and i’m having an issue in that i’ve lost one of my headers. specifically, the one with all the panels (y’know, containing options such as render options, modifier options, texture options…that whole section in which so much is contained)

i’ve been through the blender wiki, and not found anything that suggests how i could get it back. how do i get this back?

and just in case its relevant: i’m not sure how i got rid of it. i didn’t really pay attention until i knew it was gone…

Right where the lines meet between the windows right click and select add header. It might pop up on the bottom, just right click the header and move it to whichever location you like

Also keep in mind that there is a “file” menu option to “reload factory settings” if you get totally lost.

i can’t seem to get the mouse to a position where i can get an “add header” option. my cursor changes into a dual-directional arrow icon (seems like this is meant to expand the size of headers? although it actually does nothing), but right-clicking achieves nothing. as for restore factory defaults, i’d ideally like something that doesn’t wipe my entire model…don’t suppose you have any other thoughts on what i could do?

Are you sure you lost your header or what you might think is the file menu system? cause if you lost that, just click the drop down box that is in the 3d view box (looks like grid in a box with a drop down selection next to it) and select the “i” option to get your file menus back. If your afraid about losing your model just CTRL + S and save it.

ok, here’s a screenshot of what my blender window currently looks like.

if i switch my 3d view to file menu, i lose the ability to change back out. if you look at the top header there, you’ll see i don’t have the option to change views. this happens to the 3d view as well, if i change it to the info header

as for reloading factory defaults, the problem is that when i reload my model, i get back the same interface setup

is there a way to load another set of user-customised controls?


Looking at your current window there I’d say hit CTRL + Down and show me what you got

You can cycle through view options with CTRL + Left/Right

should i be embarrassed if that brought everything back? if so, nothing happened :stuck_out_tongue:

but seriously, thanks, that’s actually brought everything back…so thank you for your time and patience

We are all friends here (Most of us at least) So its cool. Its a good community so I hope you feel welcome. I haven’t visited the site in a while to tell the true, but I’m working on some video editing projects so prepare to see me more active. If you have questions, look me up. IM me if need be. I think the info is on my profile

General tip for such occasions: a Blender file can be opened in a way that it doesn’t load it’s own UI setup, but just the scene data, which can be helpful when its UI is messed up. There’s a button in the file open dialog called “Load UI” which is on by default. Turning it off prior to opeinig a file only loads the scene data and doesn’t change the UI.

Oh, and welcome Fangzie. :slight_smile: