Intergalactic Research Pod

Hi all! Here is my latest project i did in about 5 days. It is a research pod that is sent on to the alien planet for research purposes. It houses a lab and a living space for one person and oxygen and food supplies for about 6 months. Liquid-Lithium battery life is 7 months… Super simple idea!! :smile:

All done in Blender 2.8 + EEVEE except cloth was made in marvelous designer. I also wanted to experiment with glass material a bit so i decided to make kind of a frosty glass for some parts of this Env. like floor glass and some of the glass on the pieces on the wall. I added some animated elements just to give it some “life” in the video.

There is a GIF of the progress at the bottom as well (low rez, ill add higher rez version soon). Later on i will post some material setups and overall tips for this environment.

Hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:



more images here:




It looks so real, wow! Great.

Please do. Looks like your video might be private (doesn’t play for me)?