Interior Architecture #14

Interior Architecture visualization of a Studio Apartment


ohhh nice …
whats behind the black wall ?!!!

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these are some great renders.

I really like the clean minimalistic composition along with the subtle glimpses of style (the parquet and moldings)

One thing that bothers me (practically not estatically) is the space over the black cabinets.
A perfect place for a lot of dust, and you have to use a ladder to clean this up regularly :slight_smile: )
so I guess from a housekeeping poit of view it should go up to the ceiling (though I know that the looks of the black cube inside the white space is looking really cool)
Guess that’s the designer’s dillema:
function vs form

Jarek D(DJ)

very nice. More and more nice work from blender in archviz…

Wow, that´s nice! Could you tell us how you achieved such natural lighting? Is it HDR?

Hi Werlang, yes HDR and a sun light.

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Man, this is truly amazing, makes me wanna live here, one thing seems a bit off though, the bottom left corner of the bed in the second picture, the leg looks a bit cartoon-y…