Interior architecture

Hello everyone, I am a beginner in blender and I particularly like interior design, I just made an interior kitchen and I would like to have advice to improve the textures, and the lighting (in my case I just use HDR lighting) for more realism. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I know you asked for advice on textures and lighting, but I think the models need some retouching in the first place.

  1. Is everything to scale? Some things seem off scale-wise. For instance, the kitchen furniture on the right is either too short or too deep or both. Kitchen counters -and most functional furniture- are standard height and depth, with very little variation, due to the fact they’re related to human proportions.
  2. Functionality - the drawers and doors on your furniture seem impractical, with a lot of dead space left, not used for any storage.
  3. Textures aren’t that bad, apart from some strangeness happening to the wood in the kitchen furniture, but I think that has more to do with how the furniture is constructed. For instance, You have tiny drawers in what seems like a very large plank of wood, and that’s - usually - not how furniture is really made. Also, the bricks on the wall are maybe too big and look like wallpaper. Maybe make them flush with the ceiling to hide the fact you’re using fake bump on them.
    As for the lighting - it really depends on the mood you’re looking for. Maybe tone down the inside lights and make sure plenty of light comes in through the windows (using architectural glass).

I’m sorry if this seems harsh, or more critique than you were looking for, but in order to achieve realism, you have to make sure you understand how things are made and their scale. I know Blender doesn’t really help with the scale thing and it’s easier to do things by ear, but it can - and should -be done.

I hope this helps.
Best of luck!

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Thank you for taking the time to tell me everything that was wrong with my scene, it is true that it is very direct but it is necessary for improvement. there is no proportion in my scene I did everything with the eye. As for the rest, you are absolutely right, I did not apply to the textures and uv unwrap
I just wanted to practice without a tutorial. I take all your comments very seriously because I really want to improve myself
thank you for everything
Sorry if there are incoherence in my sentences, I am using a traductor