Interior Bathroom

Hi everyone, I’ve followed this forum for a long time before post any work.

Now I wanted an opinion from you about the quality of this work of mine.
It might be good as professional work or absolutely not?
The noise is acceptable?
Would it be too fake at your customers eyes?

It’s not a real project, I did it in a couple of hours, trying to figure out whether or not to switch to a professional rendering engine

or continue studying Cycles and invest in more powerful hardware platform. So in this case, I do not care much about scene composition,

modelling etc.

Res 4224px x 2376px - 500samples - no caustics - 1:40 h on gtx 750
(I know 500 samples are not enough, but I wanted to stay within 100 minutes)

Illumination ----> only Environment texture HDRI (no area lights)

I’m italian and use blender for a few years. I am interested in architectural interiors and exteriors viz.
Sorry for my english. :eyebrowlift:

The texture and modeling are amazing, the light look good but the scale seams off for some reason.

It looks like I will have to kneel to wash my hand here. On a realistic angle, you avoid to have electrical outlet close to the floor in a room that provide water for evident security reason, especialy not under the sink, one higher on the wall to plug an electrical razor will make fare more sens in a bathroom. I know you were not asking for modeling critics but I can’t resist.

I’m not an architect so I have no idea what this industry standard are, thats probably more a customer point of view I provide. Your render quality look as good as most of what I have seens that was good to my eyes, and I’ve seens far worst on house selling adds so I guess you dont realy have too worry.

Hi Androol, thanks for the reply :). About the sink you’re absolutely right, they are at only 60cm from the
floor instead of at least 80cm, cause I’m usually design according to disabled people needs, but this is
probably too low. I will correct that.

About electrical you are right too, doubtless. So I think I will remove these from the bottom.

Thanks, I appreciate all of your considerations Androol.

It may also be due to the POW as the roof is out of the frame it may fals my perception. I thinked it was even more disproportionated than that.

Its good to take disabled pearson in acount, as you have 3 sink it may be a good idea to put one to be disabled accessible and not the other two so everyone has access to adapted services.

Yes, the point of view that I choose increases the wrong perception of the space.