Interior design help

Hey! I’m working on a low poly styled business management game and I need help with the interior design of some restaurants. Given the playful, casual and simple style of the game, I hope to have a design in the interior that would give that effect to the players.

Things to consider about for the restaurant:

  • color schemes
  • arrangement of tables / chairs / furnitures
  • modifications to chair / tables styles
  • wall design
  • placement of windows
  • decorations (plants, paintings, advertisements…)
  • open space for player + bot movement

I am willing to pay anything under $80 USD for the designs (we are a startup with little to no capital, hope you understand). I am also willing to work with whoever is interested, along with my partner. Let me know if you’re interested please by adding me on Skype at tehnoobish123

Thanks all.

Still actual? I can make this for you. Also I advice to ask design models in any local house remodeling company. I did this year ago and it works! Ideas free!)) Just write to the manager and say that you need room addition or anything else. In addition, you want to make an order, but before you want to make little changes in the project! Hope they will send you, good luck!