Interior design with 1 issue

Hey guys I’m working on my second piece of work, this time playing around with interior lighting. I have a question though, as you can see from pic one and two, I seem to lost the other lighting if I added those 3 large columns with light to the left (the result looks cool actually). Can someone kindly point out what I have done wrong/missed?

ps - these are just quick renders, so don’t mind the artifacts. :ba:

Thank you


Cool! its possible that there is some sort of animation attached to the lights(if the record button is pressed)(its happened too many times to me…loll)

thanks but i doubt it, though where is the record button??

If you are using 2.5, it is a little button with a red dot in it all the way down at the bottom underneath the timeline. In 2.4, it isn’t in the default (Modeling) view, but is in the animation view, in the same spot in the timeline.

Sorry Ayn, care to take a screenshot :spin: Thank you!

But I doubt that’s the problem still, as soon as I remove the three lights in the 3 columns it will be ok. And all lights are using the same “light” setting.