Interior design

Blender version: 2.82

Render Engine : Cycles

I’m use normal denoise for rendering

And I don’t use post production any programs for this render

And for lighting I’m just use a hdri and two Area lamp and color management it’s very helpful for me

Sofa and Sculpture is Not modeled by me

For render time actually better to not say anything
:grinning::joy: 20 hour actually my system is very Weak

I’m trying to upload solid and wireframe pic but I can’t because new user can’t upload two pic in one post:(

Sorry for my bad language:)

Leave a comment:)


I see more and more of this trends everywhere. People post a pics without any information about the project.
You take hours day and month to learn a software and finally you’re able to produce a good render.
It isn’t fair to just share a pics like this without any idea of the process that lead to the result.
if you want more comments try to describ your project a bit.

1__Done in blender 2.83
2__ rendered in Eevee or Cycles or Lux or corona
3__ Took me 30mn for the still
4__ I use optix denoiser
5__ Yes posproduction in gimp or affinity
6__ Some wireframe/ solid view
7__ this are the reference
8__ this Y sofa or 3Dmodel is from or i modelled it
9__ For the lighting i just use a sun and one HDRi


There is a lot to say about a 3D project. You’re not forced to tell everything but the more you say the more you will learn in the comment section. The more you say the more people will be willing to comment and advice you or appreciate your Work.
And seriously this pics deserve a better presentation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for your opinion
It’s very helpful and good idea

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