Interior Kitchen Scene

Hello everyone! This will be my 2nd post to the Finished Projects section.

This kitchen project was more of a test with nodes and materials, however it evolved into a full fledged project.
I first downloaded Andre Sch’s kitchen blend from Blendswap (link). However, I then entirely refurnished it, except the chairs and the table, and then proceeded to render.

A sidenote : BFS (Blender For Speed) Studios has been recently launched by me and my good friend, BlendImpreza (who is also on BA). This time around, the work was done by me (swaschan), as he was working on another parallel project.

So, without further ado, enjoy!

Oh and C&C are always welcome


I can also make a night version if ya what :smiley:

why not?

10 characters…

A bit grainy and proportions looks a bit weird.

My apologies, this was as far as I could get without getting my PC to crash…completely.

I must say, I’m a bit egoistic. I was expecting more attention…lol spent so much time on nodes.

Ah well, I’ll get started on something else.

Well render quality is so poor that I bet any of work on nodes is not really showing up. To get attention you need to be able to impress people which is impossible with current render as its way too grainy and low res.

Anyway keep it up and I’l hope to see render with better quality soon!

apart from graininess (which can be fixed with many more passes, more render times, etc), it looks like floor texture is not receiving enough shadow from the legs of the chairs and the table. Other than that, it looks good!