Interior Lighting

I tried to make the lighting as much realistic as I can. Bloom was added with blender compositor and no postprocessing on color or contrast.
Let me know what do you think


Really well done speaking about light in my opinion.

But those plants in the middle… will let you close the window?

And I think some bevel in general will give the scene a more realistic look in walls.

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I referred original house before making this scene.
There is no need to close the windows as it’s separated area from the house.
I will use bevel next Time

Awesome work! what is the secret? Is it just an hdr, sky texture, sun lamp, area lamp or any other combination for lighting?
What about the grass? grasswald?

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I used scatter addon for grass.

There’s no secret about light but i tried to make shadows interesting.

I use HDRI and one Portal light for lighting.

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Ok. So … windows do not open and close this way?

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this is awesome :slight_smile:

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What I am saying is windows stays open everytime.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thanks bart

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love it!!! what hdri did you use for this one? :grimacing: