Interior ligthing scene : feedback needed

Hello there!
I’m curently working on a second short (really short) movie with characters I made for some friends. I have an interior scene where the two characters are playing a game. I cannot find a way to light the scene so it is not flat and a little boring… Does anyone have ideas to setup a better lighting?

Here are some shot taken. The render engine is eevee for the moment. I will maybe use cycles for the final but has I will render the movie myself, I prefer to use eevee because it is quicker.

Here is my lighting setup :

And the scene in 3D viewport :

I used spolights for the ceiling lights and a sun light outside (normaly there is a roof but for the screenshot I removed it to see inside. The world node is a grayish-blueish color at 0.5 strenght.

Hope to receive feedback! (feedback on other subject then lighting is also appreciated)

The table area looks overexposed and the bloom might be up a tad too high. The sharp shadow edge in image 3 on the wall is distracting and in #5 there is a really sharp edge that makes it look like CGI instead of real.

Thanks a lot! It is very nice to have feedback. I will try to improve those points!

Not lighting related, but the big character heads are really cool.

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