Interior: Living Room

I was working on this project for a school assignment (to furnish an apartment) and i illustrated my apartment with blender.
But now that i am finished with it i want to continue with it and make it looks better, because i didn’t have much time then, but now i have since i’m on vacation :slight_smile:
I think that this has been worked on enough to be in the focused critiques forum, since i can’t find any more errors and i don’t know what to really do with it.
I have done four other rooms, which i’d also like to finish and all that but first the living room, if you want i can post some screens of the other rooms.
I want to add more stuff and furniture to the room but i don’t know what.
I can also add in glass-walls or anything like that because i have no budget or blueprint to follow, but i think the size om the room is OK.
And at last i’d like to do a realistic rendering of it.
All suggestions are welcome!!!
Please help me! I can’t see what i have done wrong with it anymore, i’ve worked too much on it.

The pictures are too large to attach so i have to post links:

Each render took 7 minutes with Blender Internal and 8 samples of sky colored AO.

it’s not in a battleship, is it? Then the walls should not be gray. The floor is not gray.

As far as more stuff, wander into your family’s living room and look around, real close. Every nick nack, every piece of trim on the walls, the light hanging from the ceiling, the cat in the corner, the pictures in frames…

Okay, then what colour should the walls be?
Thanks for the advice i’ll take a look.

Here is an update!

  • I made a different bookshelf, looks more like the one i have in my room right now.
  • rendered the rug with 50k static particles instead of plain texture, which looked out of place, i know there are some white spots, needs to be fixed.
  • Finally found a nice free floor texture, i can recolour it if it doesn’t fit in.

I looked around my own living room as RW said and i get what you mean, it looks like some lives there, lots of small stuff. I was planning to do some of that today but wasted my time, so hopefully start detailing and such tomorrow.
I still don’t know how to place and size windows and i don’t know in which colour i should paint the walls, i think i’m going for orange.
All C&C is greatly appreciated.

EDIT;: Whoops, forgot the pic!!

There are no shadows in your picture at all, this is a problem.

OK, how to fix that?

You should turn on Ambient Occlusion and raytracing… The light is a little flat. Lighting is everything for it to look photorealistic. As for the floortexture, you should make it smaller, aka if it’s just a plain imagetexture, turn up the x and y repeat to a size that makes the texture look smaller. i’d guess around 3 on both x and y. :slight_smile:

Use textures, and use Radiosity for lighting, I think you’d get a much better effect in this scene.

The wood texture is too big!!! And the floor material makes it seems like plastic, not like wood.

You have to smooth the top light of your room:

Have you had a closer look as to what all traditional ironmongery items such as Suffolk latches and hinges present there. both these can give a unique look to even a dull room, so go for them at