Interior - Music Room

I’m working on a room design for a small in-home music studio. It should be suitable for giving private lessons, as well as for small recitals (seating for 20-30).

Still working on it - some rendering artifacts are showing and the AO is grainy. Glow via the sequence editor. Color balance in PS. This is also the natural daylight setup. I’ll be doing interior/artificial lighting setup too.

BTW, the piano was grabbed from the free section on It was a 3DS model that I seperated and materialed. I’ll post more as I work on it this week.

Click for larger…


Nice design. You’re actually going to have this built in real life? If so two comments/queries pop into my head…

1 - these windows can be shuttered right? You really don’t want any direct sunlight getting anywhere near the piano as it’ll play havock with the tuning and ambient moisture of the woodwork (unless it’s one of those ‘plastic’ pianos can’t remember what they call the material)
2 - is the piano position temporary? For recitals at least I would have thought you’d be better off positioning the piano so yourfacing slightly towards the audience rather than having your back to them??

I love the design.

I hope in the real version you don’t use so much polyurethane on the woodpanel floor… :wink:

Are you going to be building this in real life?

If so, I’d recommend checking with an acoustics engineer first. The parabolic/semi-circular back wall is going to play havoc with the acoustics in that room. Maybe you could fix things up with some treatments, but if you are designing from scratch, why not hit the acoustics top-notch in the first go around?

Better to build for acoustics (which seems like what you want the room to focus on first), then aesthetics.

just my $0.02