Interior Render #2

Hi ! Finally, my second room scene is over. a little artificial …
I try different things to understand which type I like the most but I still couldn’t choose the focus I will improve myself … It was the character that gave me the most pleasure until now … Maybe I will render for another room in the future … :pizza:

I have 2x 1080Ti but I got cuda error when using denoise data for intel denoise. And i use cpu but rendering, BUT ! very very slow… :sweat:

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And ! my test eevee render but have some light problems. I don’t know, why making this… but looks like cycles. :heart_eyes: and Indirect Lighting make DNA Block error in my blender project file and ı go back for 2 times because ı don’t get backup my project…:sweat_smile:
Cycles old render:

Eevee old render: