Interior Sala

Blender 3.0 Alpha / Cycles X / Darktable
Render: 4096 x 4096
Time: 11:48min
128 samples


Impressive. The only thing that I think is strange is the shadow that the chair of the piano creates, I can’t believe the light on the roof creates such shadow with a huge window allowing to enter the light of the day, I would expect there a very faint shadow only if any at all.

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hi, I have seen this “missing” in other renders, only to illustrate this, I suppose the thing that Bao2 was talking about was made by the reflection of the next white furniture, this are common in scenes with a roughness map very light, maybe with the correct roughness this work could improve. I aproach this to congrats the creator this post, I love the quality and the patience in waiting to render, amaxing work! :DDD

So, it can even give that impression, but this scene I’ve done even with other render engines and this shadow appears in the same way in other engines. I think the calculation is correct.

This floor material really is very smooth, has almost no roughness, that’s why it got that aspect.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!