Interior scene fluo light?

i’m trying to get a more squarish light from an area light source
for a fluorescent 4 ft long on the floor

i get light on the floor but it is very blurry and wide
is there a way to have a sharper rectangular light on the floor ?

more like a real fluo !

thanks for feedback
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Have you tried to place a frame around the light.

it is one trick i guess

is it possible to make the box invisible and still see the light from it ?

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Afaik, only in cycles with material nodes, for eevee it would not so easy, i guess you have to use renderlayers and mask the frame out.

Oh, it is quit easy in eevee, just turn alpha clip on:

Since the area light is not an actual physical object, could you place it a short distance above the floor? That might fix the blurry-ness?

1 - by the way do you know if EEVEE has the IES lamp now?

i will do some testing in a new file for a real fluo light fixture
but haveyot find ies file for it so could take a few days

will do some files testing for the fake one too and be back

i wish there was some real blender light source for fluo !
hope it comes soon
this would be very useful for architecture scenes

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i found another old trick to fake it
will test it again

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did a first test with box and area light rectangular

i added a rectangular box to show shape of beam
getting closer to nice looking one fluo !

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2.93 added a spread angle param on the area light

sorry my PC is too old for 2.93
trying to get a new one soon

i have only 2.9

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