Interior scene with Fredericia furniture

Here is the reference photo, which I tried to replicate as closely as I could (imo, the best way to learn photorealism is to mimic real photos and scenes).

Everything was modeled from scratch in Blender, except for some of the plants and flowers (I found some here and there, especially from 3dsky and 3dbrute). I modeled the eryngium and the green-white oregano type plant myself.

As for the rest, the final resolution is slightly lower than the original photo. I used 2000 samples and denoising via the compositor node.

C 'n C always welcome.

PS The render with the original resolution is here


Really looks good, working on something similar with this piece of furniture

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Just a clay render

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This looks great. Upon a quick glance it’s near photo realistic. The lighting ambience is soft and pleasing and reminds me of real rooms I’ve been in and seen photographed.

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What sets this apart from realism upon closer inspection is the flatness and texturing.

But when looking at this as a digital image I like this soft aesthetic and don’t find the above to bother me.

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Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.

Here’s a high contrast version of the render, which might be closer to the prototype by a bit.

What I really liked in the reference photo was exactly this. It’s sort of flat and “quiet” and it sends out a calmness.

The reference photo backwall has more imperfection especially in the top right corner, it’s almost wear and tear and dirt. The shadow of that wall is also more dynamic, deeper dark, lighter light.

Maybe experimenting with the surface imperfection and lighting contrast can enhance the realism in yours.

It’s worth me saying that one has to really be looking at your work with a critical cap on to differentiate it from the reference. In passing I don’t imagine a lot of people will catch that.

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Yes this is a beautiful room, photograph and render. Very quiet and calm.

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Top quality, Pro-Level.
I like yours better than the reference. :wink:

The basic reason furniture companies prefer digital imagery instead of photography is that, it’s faster, cheaper, way more flexible and you can remove any “imperfections”. :laughing:

And don’t forget that our approach is “artistic” not “scientific”.
“Beauty over accuracy!”

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Thank you. I really appreciate these comments, especially from artists of your caliber.

I featured you on BlenderNation. Enjoy the weekend! o/

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Thanks for the honour @bartv !

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