Interior scene with Indigo

Hi, here my small Friday evening project, thus in approximately looks the waiting room from my dentist. :rolleyes:
I hope it please you somewhat.

Rendering with Indigo Renderer v0.6test2 / Rendertime 16h

Infos about the free renderer Indigo looks here:

greetz camox

Holy Cow!

That’s so real I still can’t believe it was make in blender!
You should upload that to the indigo render site for their gallery.

And you call that a “small Friday evening project”. That would take me months to get something even remotely realistic!

Why does it read “C4D & Indigo”? (just a question)

Great render, anyway

Be well

16 hours and it’s still that grainy? Wow!

Nice though.


Cuby - reywillow:
I guess that the image IS modelled in C4D, but elysiun has no rules about being agains any other software (I think).

REALY neat picture you got there. The renderingtimes are slow, but it’s worth it!

Something about this bothers me.

Maybe it’s the C4D (which stands for Cinema 4D) in the title.

Maybe it’s that it’s your first post.

Or maybe, it’s that you’re using it as an excuse to advertise your renderer.

Or maybe, all three.

I have nothing against any other software ;). (This was not an attack)
But I was just a bit surprised, for most of artworks here are made with blender. I was just wondering whether it was a mistake on the subtitle or whether it was intentional.

Be well

i guess thats was indigo promotion (LOL)
by the way, nice render! i always want to know how much time need to render with other softwares with a same scenery

uhh, this is a blender forum. Surely the name is enough of an indicator of this fact.

Are there no c4d forums for you to frequent?

Pretty nice render btw :smiley:

Ok my mistake :(, i work much with blender, this project with cinema developed. Thought I poste it times nevertheless. Since Indigo exactly like more Blender nothing costs :). Do not ask badly his dear forum. Become the next time only blender projects here posts… and sry my bad english ! :frowning:

Thank you for your comments ! :smiley:

PS: i love blender :smiley:

greetz camox

Can we see a wire please

Here is a wire from the scene ! :wink:

Cinema 4d wires always look nice and tidy. It’s a good app, I used it myself for a while.