Interior Scene

I’m doing this scene for a friend of mine, to test my skills in the workforce. I have one week to complete the entire scene, using my interior assets I developed… I’ve got pretty much all of my modeling done… I think… Now to the furniture…
The scene should look like this in the end:

So, this is where I’m at after 3 days… 4 to go :slight_smile: So yeah… I need to start importing furniture :smiley:

I’m liking it so far!:smiley:

Looks okay, though the left wall needs(ed) some fixing. But the scene is simple enough, so if you have furniture prepared you should be fine.

Was busy for the last 2 days, and didn’t have time to finish the scene :frowning: I got this far though:

This looks pretty interesting. Was this for a contest? Did you miss the deadline.

Hello, It looks good. What are the render settings? Are those mesh lights or lamps?

@3dnotguru Several light types, and I can’t remember the render settings…
@@Chariot_Rider No, a self test… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I would’ve worked faster if it was a contest… I wanted to create a complicated scene in one week… I didn’t finish…But it’s okay… I would’ve, but I didn’t have all the assets I needed… When I get my assets, I’ll be able to make my scenes much faster, and not have to worry about when my deadline is…