Interior test

One day I realised, that have to learn one of 3D app - maybe I will nid such skill in the future. Blender looks promissing, its’s “cheap”
:stuck_out_tongue: , full of features and still on developement.
So I tried and felt in love.
I know, that posted pics aren’t art at all. All could be better (textures, light, composition) but they’re my first tries.

Modelled with CAAD app and Blender.


you can link more then one image to a thread by the “choose file” button, one uploaded, there should be a new “choose file” button, just continue till you are done. Elysiun gives you a certain amount of space, but it’s more then enough for a few images. There are also lots of free image hosters out there that people use like putfile and a few others, though some people seem to have trouble viewing files from those sites.

  1. By uploading an image, video or other file to, users give permission for the owners of Putfile to publish any such files through any associated media channel or party. Users upload files to Putfile on condition that they release all rights to the image, and give full permission to Putfile and its associates to use and publish the image in any way they wish. No compensation will be payable for the uploaded file being used in any such way.

Don’t use putfile. If you need an image host, use , or use the attachment panel here on elysiun.

Those images are beautiful.:smiley: Were they rendered with the internal renderer, or Yafray?


Thx for advices. Next time will try
hey, DwarvenFury, it’s all Yafray (look at file comments) :stuck_out_tongue:

these are very nice renders. i wouldn’t mind knowing your scene setup/yafray settings.

well, as far i know, yafray setings depends on scene/material/used lights settings. Anything usefull I can say to You, is that I was trying to complete lightning tutorials from fighting with my ignorance of yafray at the same time.