Interior Vehicle Materials Collection

This summer, I was busy working on my first procedural materials, which focus on interior car rendering. I made it so that it allows you to customize how you want your interior to look, which will help increase the details and realism of your renders.


The seats and dashboard were modelled by me to be used for demonstrating the look of the materials I created.

What’s included

  • Leather material (useful for plastic parts, steering wheel, seats, dashboard)
  • Leather material with circle stitches (useful for steering wheel, main seating area)
  • Leather with diamond pattern which includes stitches (useful for seats)
  • Alcantara material (useful for seats, steering wheel, dashboard)
  • Alcantara material with diamond pattern which includes stitches (useful for seats)
  • Carbon Fiber (useful for some plastic parts like on steering wheels, some parts of seats, dashboard)
  • Brushed Wood (useful for plastic parts near door handles, dashboard, steering wheel)
  • Brushed Metal (useful for parts mentioned above)

These materials can be used with UV coordinates or generated.

The material pack will be updated from time to time which would include some new materials and some material fixes.

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