Interior Viz

Rendered using cycles…
all models created from scratch…
inspiration came from
creation time around 15 days
render time 2 hours
samples 2000

Great work :slight_smile:

Nice one …

Nice one! 2 hours on which hardware? CPU or GPU?

I really like the way you lit the scene. Wood shaders could be improved imho, and the perspective of the background picture is off.

Anyways, really nice work.


And what’s the renderresolution ?

Kind regards

Thanks guys for the kind remarks

@marcoG_ita yes the perspective is off a bit. I realized that & will be posting the update soon. Thank u very much for pointing it out… It’s CPU rendering

@Alain thanks. The resolutions is 1280x720 at 2000 samples

Also check your levels before you post an image. Really nice interior, keep it comming :slight_smile:

Wow! It looks realistic! Nice work man :smiley:

the modeling and lighting is good but i can totally tell that the city outside is a textured plane the perspective is completely off but good work.

you could play with the orientation of the outside image plane to probably achieve the right perspective (twist and bend the plane)…and maybe also play with the camera angle a bit too. Nice work to:)

thank you all for the kind feedback …
yes the perspective of the BG was definitely off got the same remarks from other forums as well … tried to correct it …

heres an update with the background adjusted…

I don’t get this, yours in underexposed, the original one is way better balanced

@anthropoid - Cool update, it works better. Really nice render!


@milan981 - I’m with marcoG_ita on this, levels are fine in anthropoid’s pictures, your pic is to dark.

@anthropoid - Congratulations it really looks great!

Are there glass in all the windows? isn’t that usually a problem with Cycles to be light good through glass?

Only critique now is that it is a little to clean and smooth… unless that’s what you are going for :slight_smile:
Most surfaces are smooth, a little bump on the floor and maybe some light texture/bump on walls and other surfaces could spice it up a little.
Put a few items on the table, move/rotate one of the chair just a little so it looks like there is people presence.
Put some furniture or carpet or something on the left bottom, it feels a little empty now.


@marcoG_ita: sure if you like it that way, I always liked to see the well contrasted images, maybe that was my way of working, so that’s the reason why I (like you said) little underexposed image, because the colours on the image was washed out.


@DerekG1080 thank you so much… your advice really helped … although i had set the mapping (of the BG texture) to UV but i realized that the image was changing when i rotated the plane as if it was camera mapped on the plane … any ideas why ??? ideally it should just stick to the plane right ??

@Jakerlund thanks for the critique… i actually wanted to do the carpet but i still haven’t tried particles with cycles and i thought it’ll look fake without without the fur and also I was not sure if my pc would be able to handle such detail… will surely give it a try… thank you very much for the idea about randomizing the object i think it should help make the scene more believable …Although the scene is finished for now but I’m planning to render some macro shots with DOF… will have to model more objects for the kitchen worktop as well…

@milan981 i tried looking into the levels of the image after saw your critique and yes the scene had less dark values but it was more or less what i wanted … thanks for the critique

@bigmanjoe thanks for the critique… yaah the BG is too obvious here… once i fill up the interiors completely then I’ll try to create some 3D Buildings in there or may use some library linking and make the BG have a lil more depth

One thing that probably no one has noticed or pointed out is that one of the lamps is not working … it was not a conscious decision (although I like it that way now) … it has the same material as that of the others but it just simply refuses to light up (although it is lit up in the interactive viewport renders) … Bug??? i’ve no clue …

thanks guys for your support


The scene with the corrected background perspective is rather nice, looks kinda like what you might see in a home magazine or something (seriously, ever since I got into 3D art, I trust NOTHING I see in adverts) oh, and for carpet, im pretty sure there is some way you can use child objects to cut down on the strain on your computer, and with things like carpet it should still be pretty convincing.

Really nice work. I like making interiors myself. The only things I would point out is the hanging light fixtures could use some texture work. They look “sketched” to me. I think I downloaded those stools from 3D warehouse too. But I modified them as the base seems a little unrealistic. Just my 2 cents.

@Bombzero thank you for the feedback… i’ll be surly be giving it a try as well… i’m also planning to render some macro shots with high DOF but that requires more detailing of the scene & my present work commitments are not letting me finish it :frowning:

@Mistro thank you for the feeedback about the lights … i’ll try to work on the shader a bit more … the stools were done from image reference that i found on the google … all models in the scene are created from scratch :slight_smile:


Tip for future reference; don’t guesstimate horizons, science them.
This method of course assumes horizontal surfaces in parallel planes, but it’s still a useful technique.

The background will always feel like a textured image plane unless it’s directly facing the camera. So I would suggest having the plane directly face the camera and just be photographed from the proper angle :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, very nice!