hey, guys, critics are welcome :wink: hope you like it :wink:


Very nice what renderer did you use?

I donโ€™t want to say this but, that is really beautiful!
Well done! :smiley:

Itโ€™s a Yafaray rendering guys ! Well done Yokozuna404 :wink:

wine bottle is huge

Thank guys :wink:
dansafeee - yeah, youre right its biger :S

Definitely a good work. I miss some pattern on the rug, but itโ€™s a minor issue (provided itโ€™s an issue altogether).

Congrats :wink:
I do like the sofa, mod and texture. Maybe the room looks to clean, could look a little messier, like theres sombody living inthere, but hey, detail.

Nicre work

Superb work. Gorgeoous lighting. The red throw is a nice touch. The cushions on the left look a little too similar, though.