Hi all!

Just an interior scene, all done with Blender and rendered with Cycles, hope you like it!

very nice iam a noob here where did you get all the textures? is it downloadable? thank you

If I remember correctly, most of the textures are from, thanks for your comment!

Hi, I don’t know if your intention was to make a kind of cartoonish interior, because obviously everything is deformed, and by that I don’t mean your work is not good just a bit strange.

Do you want me to be critical or appreciative?

Here’s the reference image!

Both please :slight_smile:

Hello I like the texturing and lightning so nothing really wrong there but as for the modeling. At first sight i thought the lamp was floating in mid air but then i realized the cord.

I think the cord should be thicker, darker and perhaps make it black with a glossy shader to make it a bit shiny. The reason why you dont see it at first is because its white and so thin so its blending into the background. Making it black and thicker will make the cord more visible and you will realize that the lamp is actually hanging and create this realistic look. Dont be afraid to use reference pictures either :slight_smile:

But otherwise good modeling and really great texturing and lighting. The only problem is the cord so really a good job :slight_smile:
keep it up!

Thanks for the reply @jafem ! And yes, I agree with you about the cord, that’s a good advice!

I had to laugh a little when I read it, because on the surface you are obviously right, but since I know a little about modern interior design I knew it was supposed to be photo real and probably based on reference.

Now that everyone can see the reference, I hope there are no more misunderstandings. I think the TO did a great job. If the goal was to get the lighting from the reference then there is still some work to be done, but if that was just the starting point then the final image is basically fine as it is. Great work!

Thanks @Unluccy!!