I’m working on this scene indoor and need help with light. The interior light is difficult, if anyone can help can add me to my facebook and we will share the .blend file directly, so it is easier to please. thank you


the red squares are the light emission

It is looking good, keep working on it, have you considered to put a baseboard down the wall? Prefiero la de las almohadas blancas, se ve mejor, ese piso y ese fondo me parecen familiares.

yes ,the baseboard and other object i will add later,and yes de flor and window are from andrew i dint but i wont be using those , im just try to se the lighting becose to me its mm hard to set the interior light in architecture . The thing is that the escene its to dark ,the shadow are good but if i turn up the lighting a liitte, the shadow will go more rough so what im working on the window(emission mesh) material to allow to light of enviroment to pass and the same time to pass the light of emission ,so there are to light comin from that window ANDDD at the same time to see the diffuse of the window

agreed, You can add an area light back te camera to have more ilumination inside, You can take a look to this article
You can add a bright and contrast node in the composition and a hue-saturation-value node and “play” with the values.

Hello !
Did you activate the Ambient occlusion ? You can also play with the exposure.
I like your cushions ! how did you make it ?

hi! thanx zako,thanx juanrav , yes i miss ambient occlusion . this is the final result and there credits for te pillows etc.

mmm make a day scene its easy…but night time scene its a different story anyway i will call this done .for my firts architecture i think is… acceptable i think XD