So I am trying to do some interior renderings for a project I am working on

I have done the following

  1. used Archimesh to build a room
  2. Added in some windows and given the panes a glass material courtest of blendemada
  3. Set up an HDR of blue sky to act as an external light source
  4. Created and emissive plane to throw a bit more light into the room
  5. Added in some models of furniture and added some materials to them (if they didn’t have them already)

My test renders are a bit meh, tbh at this stage I am seeing if a can deliver a viable render to my client. Is there anything to do to make it more photorealistic?

I have considered the following courses of action
> change my render settings, increase samples
> dive into nodes composoting
> render some different layers and do some compositing in photoshop

Can anyone give me any guidance on how to make this look more polished? I don’t really want to spend a lot of time adding modelling and adding in more detail until I know I can get a nice looking render out. Or have I missed the point earlier in the process? tbh I am on about hour 5 of my blender experience so am total nOOb!!