Internal render anti-aliasing and z-transparency problem

I am having problems with anti-aliasing and transparent materials.

If you knew how can I get rid of that, I would be very pleased. Thanks!

Please supply a full image and importantly a blend file rather than relying on a miniscule thumbnail image to demonstrate your problem

Sorry, here’s another image:

I’ve just noticed that the problem becomes more noticeable when the resolution is lower, and the anti-aliasing samples are 8.

I don’t have the greatest eyesight in the world so BE BOLD. Go for it and show an image we can actually see. GO BIG BIG BIG

Also most importantly please ALWAYS supply a link to an example blend file. The screenshot on its own supplies only about 5% of the useful information.

This picture is with anti-aliasing enabled:

And this without:

And here you have a .blen file:

Your phone isn’t modeled properly, right now it’s a huge ngon. Not sure why you are using z-transparency either. But beyond just that, your file gave me a gigantic headache. :spin: You have four suns trying to light your scene, it looks like you messed with the layers settings, you have shadeless materials on the phone, the glass isn’t anywhere near correct, you had ray tracing turned off, and the list goes on and on. Even after I fixed most of that stuff, I still couldn’t get a proper render going, so there’s something else in there that you have changed. You need to go to File > Load Factory Settings, and get your Blender back to normal before you can do anything, it’s really a mess right now.
Anyway, you have to model the phone with correct topology, or you will always have an issue with the shading. As for the glass, you want to use ray tracing, some mirror, mess with the IOR values, etc. Also, in order to see anything through the glass, whatever is underneath it has to have Receive Transparency checked under the Shadow tab in the material settings. Even if you had a correct glass material going on, you had ray tracing turned off in the render settings, so it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Here’s some BI glass settings(they are for earlier versions of Blender, but they will work):

Information about ngons/bad topology:

Information on good topology:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve solved it by separating the screen from the glass. The glass was made without ray-tracing because the phone is going to be the only object in the scene, so it can’t reflect anything, and it slows down rendering the animation. And I’m very bad at lightning, so that is why I have 4 suns.
Thanks anyway:D