International Airport

I have been working for about a month on this project. This is the largest Blender project I have attempted, and plan on modelling a whole airport. This takes a lot of effort to track down runway specifications and how the infrastructure works.

I plan on eventually rendering an animation, and upload it to my Youtube channel (

Here are some renders:

Looking towards the North Terminal

Aerial View


The lighting on the first image looks awesome, with a bit more work it ill be really cool!
The last one at light is a much harder situation, try to get some lighting on the ground, even if faded, with varying roughness maybe some more wet areas, it can be really dark but make something visible!

Thanks for the criticism, I will try and do that.

Update! This is the current progress, mostly done, and waiting for smaller details. I also plan on making the ground look more rough and imperfect, as real-life airports usually have mismatching concrete colours and seams, etc.

I am really happy with the design choice for the terminal building.

Looking south-east from the north terminal section (1920x1080 resolution)

Identical to the image in my first post, just improved!

This project will probably take a couple more months for completion.


I think you’ve done a great job! The last render looks absolutely amazing. I’m excited to see it when it is fully complete.

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is this for X-plane / FSX or just a personal project? looks great so far :smile:

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Just as a personal project. I mainly want to create an airport that looks good from all angles, so I can animate camera shots for a video.

Also, this project has taught me so much about how airports are structured, which is interesting.

Update: I have been improving the areas around the terminal entrance, and adding roads everywhere.
The renders are getting slower, though. 1024 samples takes ~15 minutes, and it isn’t even noise-free.

Here you see a large render of the airport looking towards the ocean, over the front entrance area of the terminal.

Things I still need to do:

  • Create gardens and trees to fill space.
  • Add some textures to some objects.
  • Improve the ocean- it doesn’t have any fresnel yet.
  • Finish the roads.
  • Add buildings and skyscrapers in the city.
  • Add decals and extra detail to the large concrete areas.
  • Produce a way to toggle between day/night (might need some advise on variables here)
  • Place some storage buildings in the airport.
  • Fill empty areas around the apron (place where planes stop outside the terminal) with vehicles, cargo, etc.

So… lots to do!

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