Internet Explorer Destroyer

Yes, but the people to blame are the designers, for implimenting the “im selfish, and too incompititant to make a site X-browser compliant so i’ll tell ya you’ll need to download this browser”

But while I don’t mind, any site that says I have to use Ie or firefox will likly have little intreast to me. I feel sorry for the people that have speach browser who are neither IE or Firefox and cant get on any of those sites or able to use those broswers due to dissabilities.

I have both firefox and IE installed… I only use IE… But test websites in Firefox because alot of things that work in IE don’t work right in firefox. DANG Firefox creating extra work.

The reason why I use IE is because it is faster. I click on the IE link the window pops up instantly. When I click firefox it takes over 7 seconds to open. I work with at least 20 IE windows open at the same time… I’m constantly closing and opening new ones every second. I have no time to wait 7 seconds between new wiondows opening up.

Maybe it is just my computer… but if some can suggest how to make firefox work faster (heck even microsoft word opens up faster) than I would consider switching.

I’ve heard that they are only doing that in China, do they filter in other countries too?

IF you visit and go into Preferences, there is an option that says “Do not filter my search results.” But I’m not sure if all will be unfiltered… Since the website mostly mentions filtering adult websites and images.

I wouldn’t be so sure Google has anything to do with this “explorer destroyer” cause.

Anyone can apply for Google Adsense, I doubt that Google cares what is on your website… (might be a restriction against porn etc …I haven’t read their terms).

In fact plugging ‘explorer destroyer’ into Google itself leads only that web site.

Without digging into the details, I suspect the “$1.00 for every new FireFox”, is an exaggeration. I was under the impression that Adsense payed fractions of a cent for a click, perhaps some ads generate more than that? I don’t think it has anything to do with a user installing Firefox, just the fact that you clicked on the FireFox link.


Perhaps it’s a MS conspiracy to make Firefox and google look bad ? What the hell is metacrawler ?

<rant>Wow, once again we get to see somebody rant about how great FireFox is over IE and vice-versa… personally this has become very old and I am quite sick of hearing about it. I think this is utterly dumb to keep people from seeing your site because they are running IE and they are getting ads to use FireFox? I will smack the lights out of the next person to send out any sort of advertisement. This is just going to fail horribly and fall to the depths of the ever going war between FireFox and IE. If you put that stupid little pop-up that says “You cannot view this page because you are using IE” I will personally smack the hell out of you.</rant> I thought about not posting it but I figured I wouldn’t just waste five minutes that I used writing it.

LOL, look at the chart at the bottom of that website, this website isn’t trying to convince you to do what it is suggestion, if anything this is like the website against breast feeding and masturbation.

Yeah, but a few websites I have visited would not let me enter because I was using IE.

I believe it’s a politically correct protest that is mocking its movement. But why only suggest Firefox is what I’m wondering, why not just block out IE only ?

Have you tried them also on Opera? It might be IE that’s doing things wrong. (Which is most of then the case in my experience.)

On my comp Firefox windows open very quick, but I mostly use tabs.

both IE and micrsoft word don’t fully unload when you close them
[and IE exists nearly entirely as part of your shell [explorer], it’s loaded just before or after you logging in]

firefox has an option to do the same thing [but it will sit in your system tray]

but I use opera… with sometimes hundreds of tabs. IE would take too much room on my taskbar [and I don’t like the colapse thing], and firefox is useless with more than about 50 tabs [the tab bar should NOT have to scroll… I’m only able to get 52 tabs at 1600x1200]… it’s also not possible to re-order tabs in firefox [nor IE 7] [well, it wasn’t when I started using opera, it seems possible now]


Open source advocates?

well althought I totally agree (well I prefer) firefox is better than IE…I’m totally against the way explorerdestroyer works.

It’s totally unprofessional and not correct to bash an app like that on such a large scale. I don’t know, it just sounds wrong and not something google would do. Is there any link on or something that could point us to either google really is linked to this or not? If they are, they just lost a bit of my respect…

Hey, on that website the firefox button in the demo goes to a google toolbar page!

No, no. This page was made–and I quote PC World-- by “a group of self-titled “political activists” in Massachusetts”. They’re not related to Google or Mozilla in any way, and are just taking advantage of Google’s $1-per-convert program (although it’s not so much about switching to Firefox as it is about getting the Google toolbar).

Well, yes. That’s what it’s based on, Firefox+Google Toolbar.

I so much as emailed them and told them so.

But when I think of it, not everyone is as humble as you Skottish. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say that as someone who designs web sites I really hate having to do Microsofts proprietary hacks just because they refuse to make their browser w3 compliant. (Especially the CSS ones - what a nightmare).It takes a lot of work and messing around which is very time comsuming to do, band width consuming to use and is generally a royal pain to implement. IE CSS work arounds are just plain funky. It is even more frustrating because it is totally not needful on M$ part. It is purely a power trip. I’ve never had to do those kinds of hacks with Firefox. Mozilla play by the rules.

Didn’t mean to jab skottish out of cruelty. Just reverted to the old ways in a moment of folly. My apologies skottish. It is true the world is needs humility.