Internet Goes away on Holidays

I hate the Internet. Around Holidays, activity slows down. What am I supposed to do. I barely get any views or support. You are enjoying time with family and friends, what am I supposed to do? Also the Game Off Jam happened and around Christmas, activity of everyone stopped and voting wasn’t properly done and was very biased. Can’t I just hibernate. The same happens irl in Ramadan, when Muslims just sleep through the fast. It feels like a ghost town and according to Muslim Scholars, this is forbidden for them, so they are not true Muslims, they are “muslims”.

Is a good idea to pay Skyrim a visit for a full week. Count me out off internet for a while… :slight_smile:

If you’re life is so dependent on the internet then you should seriously reconsider some stuff in your life tbh :slight_smile: And I mean maybe you could open Blender and maybe create some stuff maybe maybe? Or tbh I could even recommend this thing called “the outside”, so take a walk in the forest and just enjoy life :slight_smile:


Guess what: on holy days there are often holidays (they are even named after it)… and people don’t have to work… so there are more people with more free time… and so…

Also happens every weekend…

(And on sylvester/new year everbody want’s to speak with their loved ones and the mobile net has a hard time… and sometime later everbody wants to get home and every taxi is occupied… )


For the no support part, What if I clone myself, seems impossible but let’s think of it. If I scanned myself, How would I store all those atoms. Maybe Quantum Bits storing more can help. I would make them solve bugs or bruteforce a problem like drivers. They would be as skilled as me.