Interplanetary Pitstop

(GuitarGuy) #1

The ground could use more interesting topography. Craters and soil accumulation around rocks would be cool. That’s my next step. Any help with that? How could I make craters?

The rocks are subdivided cubes, sculpted to different shapes and have noise (Blender Original / Voronoi) as displacements.

Critique/suggestions are welcomed and encouraged :slight_smile:

(The3DLioness) #2

Looks great , I love the details. :slight_smile:

(lexx) #3

Beautiful, yet depressing too.

(CDAnimated) #4

I love the concept! The planets in the background are really cool, too. Though, the whole scene seems kind of… barren, I guess? I love the Domino’s Pizza sign, but it doesn’t seem like it actually leads to anything. Maybe you could have the physical building itself visible in shot somewhere? Maybe like behind the big rock on the left with a futuristic parking lot to accompany it. Great work though!

(XeroShadow) #5

For the craters, cut a uv sphere in 1/2 and use a displacement modifier.