Intersecting faces, and the 3dPrint addon analysis / blend attached

Using the 3dPrint addon I identified a bunch of intersecting faces.

But I’m at a loss to determine which faces they intersect WITH. If you seParate them both objects have zero intersecting faces, there’re no overlapping or duplicate faces or points.

Can someone take a look at the object and enlighten me?
EXPORTER_201123a.blend (1.7 MB)

I get no intersecting faces in your model. Only 153 overhanging faces.

That’s odd: I get the overhanging(153), but even on re-downloading my own file from above I’m also seeing 40 Intersecting Faces. --I am running 2.90.1, but really, that should make no difference.

It’s all quite aggravating. Thanks for checking! :+1:

I’m using 2.83.9. Maybe there’s a bug in the version you’re using. That’s why I prefer using LTS versions, at least I don’t get new bugs over the existing ones :smiley:

Bingo. I dl’d/installed 3.83.9 and got the same stats back as you. Interesting. Prolly should report it. ::sigh::


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