Interview shows Blender being used as a robotic simulation aid

He also uses microsoft robotics studio, but one of the programs he’s using the most as you can see in the first few minutes is our tried and true favorite app. Blender. From the looks of it, he’s using Blender for the modeling and possibly some of the animating and the rendering.

I think Blender may be able to do a great job as an aid program for visualizing robotic simulation, what do you think.

He says what sounds like Bender but you recognize it.

It’s nice to see blender being used for things like this, but it looks like that guy doesn’t have a clue on how to use blender.

yeap, seems so to me as well

not to sure what exactly is the point of this as well

Anyone know if these are the same guys as the ones that wanted to extend blender for their work on robots? (they were at the blender conference 2-3 years back)

well techinacaly since blender comes with the source code you can do fairly much anything you want

such as using the pose mode to controll a real life robot for example… with the proper programing knowledge that is

Yeah I know, but they were going to work on the armature system, or have they? I don’t keep up to date on the animation side of things. (sorry to the coders who work on these sides)