Intestines WIP

Hey there I have this image to complete for a client at a university I work for…

but I’m getting a 3d movie/stereoscopic thing happening with the nodules, could this be because of the DOF of the camera (I have it set to Distance 2.5m, Aperture Size: 2cm), or would it be more to do with the material I’m using for them?

Here’s the material nodes…

Ok I think I’ve worked it out, the velvet shader was contributing, along with the fact that I hadn’t put a subD modifier on the nodules…

I think those tubular things on the walls should use some subsurface scattering. Night now, they look linda hard, like barnacles or something.

I think you may also want to focus the camera a little further down the tunnel. This will blur the areas around the edges, acting as a sort of natural vignette, helping the viewer focus on the center of the image. Right now, my eyes are drawn to the edges, as that’s where things are in focus.

Otherwise, I think this looks really cool! Reminds me of the title screen from Metroid Prime.

Thanks for that erikscott,

if you look at my nodes setup it’s already got a fake SSS going on (since I didn’t really want to be limited to CPU rendering), so I was thinking it already did have that SSS look but maybe I’ve been looking at it too long :slight_smile:

Also here’s how it will eventually be set up…

So I’ve deliberately kept those close particles in focus for the labels that will be associated with them.

But oh! Never heard of Metroid Prime before :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, that makes sense. Carry on. Seems a bit bright. Maybe make it lighter up front and darker down the tube? Just a thought.

the test build for the new blender has initial SSS support for gpu. mentioned here -

Hi PancreasBoy,

Nice render !
Why are you pointing to the epithelium with the label indicating the lumen ?
I understand your idea to keep these food elements in focus, but I agree with erikscott, you could focus your camera a little further into the intestine to decrease the importance of the borders.

Maybe the intestinal tube could be a little more folded, but it is not a big matter.

Thanks guys,

all good to know, and im just the lowly 3d modeller Crus-T, I just get told what to label :slight_smile:

So you’d have to ask the academic I’m doing this for.