Into/Out Vehicle FPS Game

What is the system for getting into and out of a vehicle in an FPS game?

Depends on the game obviously. But the core is pretty much:

Get in:

  1. disable player controls (make the object not respond to input) and adjust game variables so that AI and items can behave accordingly towards player that is now in vehicle
  2. animate camera / player transition to vehicle ending up with vehicle camera view, low def version might just insta-switch
  3. after a small delay enable vehicle controls (make vehicle respond to player input)

Get out pretty much the same vice versa. You might want to add a check for vehicle condition when player wants to exit. Vehicle could be moving fast, next to a wall or blocked by an object, in the air, underwater, in space, destroyed for example.

Yeah, I mean in general. I’m having problems with what to do with the player once the vehicle works, and how to get the player out of the vehicle “spawning” out of the vehicle. Need an example file?

don’t delete the player ever, just set him ghost no visibility and parent him to the car,

when he gets out flip him 180 and turn him on, no ghost and visable.

check my example file

It is not much different when you use TPV. You can just skip the animation part as the avatar is not visible.

The simplest thing is to switch the camera (from person to vehicle) and the UI recipient (from person to vehicle). Basically you switch the avatar ;).

I can only show you an TPV example. A I said, the basics are the same. Maybe you can work it out.
How to: enter a vehicle or how to: switch controls