Into the Wild, fan art.

Hi! I’m new in this forum but i’ve reading it for so long, so I finally decide to be part of the comunity :slight_smile: this is my latest job, just playing with low poly style, its about a movie called “Into the wild” a movie that inspires me a lot. I hope you like it.

You’ve done a very nice job with this image, juca_rios! I like the style, and the texturing on the bus is very suitable. The mountains in the background are a nice touch. It is an interesting idea, to create low-poly style scenes from famous movies. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Keep up the wonderful work!

I had a mental picture of “Where the Wild Things Are”. Did not expect a bus. Looks good.

Thanks a lot James!, I’m glad that you like it, the bus texture is only a diffuse + noise node, very simple!

Thanks Brent!, I haven’t watched "Where the Wild Things Are, I’m gonna look for it.

Haha! Magic bus! :smiley:
I loved that film. Assuming the cast did its job right I’d venture to say I understand the story behind it. There’s precious few people who are able to unplug from our society, but there are many potential candidates who never think of it… ah, listen to me rambling on, I should just say you did a good job with the low poly, though I suspect that if the least possible geometry is the goal there could still be improvement. Then again, I’m all about high poly so what do I know? :slight_smile:

Haha I can understand the rambling Kongomat, one of the things that I understand about the movie is the great challenge of discipline, I mean in the movie context the discipline was the tool to survive out in the wild, applying that philosophy in mi life, if I want to succeed in this industry I could use a little bit of discipline too. I’m glad that you like it.