intresting statistic

Did you realise that the most users ever on-line (the number at the bottom of the forum) on elYsiun is actually MORE than the most users ever on-line on CGTalk.

Now THAT is saying something. :smiley:

Grandted, CGTalk usually has over 100 users browsing at any particular time while elYsiun only has about 10.

yeps, that’s all because of the slashdot effect

you must have had a gigantic bandwidth spike (and CPU usage) during that time

humm, they let you post an article…I wonder if anybody would care about my new site…

Do remember that some people join Elysiun, then never post.

Maybe I’m missing something.

Wow, at first i thought “that cant be right”, i mean cgtalk usually has a fat list of ppl logged on at any one time, and i figured they had heaps of users, so would most likley have had a higher hit on the per day count. Imagine my supprise when i realized our number was indeed 30 people higher!!! :wink:
Good on elYsiun, and Kib I say, this is a great site and in my oppinion a great success!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!