Intricate Details

How would you go about creating intricate details like these on the dress:

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I have no clue at all, but I loooooove the photo.

Beautiful cream coloured, richly textured tube of fabric containing a beautiful woman inside - what’s not to love about that pairing.

Like the human equivalent of a candy bar :smirk:


Course I might not get so poetic over a photo like that if not for the four month long unrelenting COVID stay-at-home lockdown isolation damnit: six months ago, that would’ve been a photo I barely noticed.

F%@$ this pandemic! :angry:

Daym, the effects of prison are REAL :smiley: :frowning:

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I know right?

Still, at least I can say I’ve managed to maintain my romantic eye for beauty and not devolve into a slavering animal or pervert :dog:

That’s, something right?

I would also kinda like to know how to create that level of detail on a surface for a model of a fish I in fact plan to carve outta hardwood: I’ve got the basic tubular fishy shape sorted, but adding the kind of detail I can add with a knife in reality, isn’t so simple in software.

I mean, add the extreme detail without having to increase my face-count to 5,000,000.

Somebody who has a clue how to use the software will be along shortly, we hope.


We wanna know: how to get that level of detail on a surface, without owning a CGI super-computer to handle all the geometry.

microdisplacement seems to be the solution with cycle