Intrigue environment render

(stephen2002) #1

I am still working on the Intrigue project. The desert landscape that I posted a little while back was one of the four environments. The next one is a snowy landscape. The page has a picture of the car in the environement.

I would do a direct image link, but the free version of 50megs (actually 12megs) dosn’t like that.

(ScottishPig) #2

Not bad at all- Deeply impressed- windshield is the only thin g I can see needing improvment. :smiley:

(VelikM) #3

Wow! Window does need some work, Spec./reflection of glass is hard edged (unless it’s been sand blasted). Other than that it looks great.

(paradox) #4

Great scene. I like the trees, nice winter scene.


(SKPjason) #5

Very cool scene. I love the trees. They add so much depth and detail to the scene… The only suggestion I would make would be to lighten the sky up a bit. In winter conditions the sky doesn’t tend to keep the “bright Blue” look to it.

But, that’s just me being a nitpicking weirdo… :wink: I am totally digging this scene… I hope you’ll post more pics as they become ready - they’re awesome.


(stephen2002) #6

I have been working on the scene today and here is the progress. I think that it is finally ready to render :smiley: