Intrigue in rain

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*** Update ***
I added some pictures/video, see below.

I hope that you all are not getting bored of my Intruge project. I am almost done with environment 4 of 5, which is rain. There is no rain yet, but there will be soon. It will also be animated eventually.

Here are some pictures:

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Like your settings :slight_smile:

I’ve seen your thread in the Q&A for rain tips. Will post there if I get any :wink:


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I like the rear lights already, the only thing I could say is that they would give more light to the surrounding of the car. In a dark forest the rear lights would light up the whole scene behind the car in red I guess. Even up to the trees they would have an influence. Maybe two spherical lights on the height of the rearlights but 20-50cm out of the car could do the trick.

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I don’t agree…

unless the Intrigue is breaking rear light are relatively dim, not to flash the one who is driving behind :wink: and a red light is particularly inappropriate to light up a forest, which is green and hence reflects the green component of a white light… component that a red light doesn’t have…

I would keep lights as they are


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thanks for the comments about the lights. That is what I was looking for.

There is a VERY low intensity light cone comming off of the taillights (you might be able to make out the halo) but I have noticed that unless it is pitch black (or you are right up against a wall or something) that you really can’t see the effect of the lights. There is enough ambient light that it basically overpowers the light comming off of the tail lights.

Thanks for the constructive comments.

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I have been working on the rain and here is the result. I have also posted this in the Q&A forum under my “photoreal rain” post.

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I have a neat little effect for you.

make ausch that basically forms to the car…

if it isnt to high on pixels, jsut take the main mesh othe car body, and duplicate it, size it up a tiny bit, and then make it a particle system with very short lived partilces. one to three frames. hash the mesh, and then let the show begin. if you give it the right settings, it sghould mimick rain drops all over the cars… i have done something similar…

takes a lot of tweating

looks good so far

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hummm, good idea. I can duplicate the car mesh and decimate it to reduce the # of verts and try that out.

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heck no im not bored! wow, that is one of the most photorealistic blender pics i believe i’ve ever seen.

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Excellent! :smiley: that gives me some more motivation. Hopefully I will have the spare time to finish the rain environment this weekend.

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one method used to do rain that I saw in halflife, they put out a texture to do this, is make a bunch of skinny planes, set alpha and whatnot, and then have a texture of rain drops going down on it, like just lines going down. Have tons of them, maybe duplivert it, I dunno. If you have enough of them the rain can look pretty nice. This might not work well in blender and you would need the animating texture, but it’s worth a shot.