Intrigue WIP - SPIN!

(stephen2002) #1

I have been working on getting the dents out of the model. I rendered a spin animation and compressed it to fit on the web. Only 250KB!

It is encoded in MS MPEG4. Tell me what you think!

(Goofster) #2

wow, looks very cool. nice lighting too. GI?

however, how about a BIGGER version of it? this compression is aweful. we guys with a good connection wanna enjoy it. also thats why the animation isnt very smooth. it jerks a bit.

keep up the good work


(harkyman) #3

I agree with goofster. If your host (and your own upload speed) will support it, give those of us the broadband a treat.

Great model. I don’t see how you folks who do the realistic car models do it. It’s such exacting work.

(stephen2002) #4

Thats the problem. The video is only a few KB below the maxium file size limit for my web host. Sorry :frowning:

(S68) #5


Nice anim, your background is also nice :slight_smile: