Intro critique

Hey all.

T’is the one, the only, creator of Eh’sworld here.

This is the first half of my upcoming animation’s intro, however it’s still in the tweak phase with things being added.

Regardless, I’d like to know what your overall thoughts and direct concerns may be.

Thank you for your time,
-Mik Happy

What is Eh’sworld? The intro has some sort of gothic/mystery type of deal.

I think it looks pretty cool! Are you planning to add colors to it?

Eh’sworld is an action/comedy, but that tackles serious themes and does have mystery aspects.
It’s a wip animation series of mine :slight_smile:

By the way, hi! How is your protect going xero?

All the characters, that has talking parts, are complete for episode 1. I am currently working on some of the environmental settings at the later half. I am also 2 PC components away from completing my personal RenderFarm. After that, I work on the animation and I’m done with that episode.

Woo!! How many years in the making?
I can’t wait to watch it man!!! Notify me when it’s out. What’s your youtube channel?

As of right now, I do not have a dedicated Youtube channel as of yet. But once the episode is up, I’m creating one dedicated only to the series. I’ll have it ready on my main thread.

As far as the Renderfarm goes, I’ve been working on the build for over 2 years, but I will have it up and running before Christmas or New Year’s Eve once I get the software and the hardware installed with all of the connections.